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00:00:33 – Welcome to the Woodworking Morning Show
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00:01:42 – Breadboard video

00:04:05 – End Table guild project


00:05:28 – Mail time! Thank you!

Miter Station

00:06:14 – What’s the easiest way to measure dimensions with angles?
00:07:28 – Where did you purchase hardwood when you lived in Arizona?
00:09:15 – Can you resaw on table saws?
00:10:30 – What kind of epoxy do you use for stabilizing boards?
00:13:10 – How do you handle batching when making furniture?
00:15:00 – Are you still a fan of ClearVue Cyclones?

200 – Installing a Clear Vue CV1800 Cyclone

00:16:50 – Can you seal in colored epoxy with Shellac?
00:17:50 – What’s a good species to practice hand cutting dovetails?
00:22:15 – Can you take away the sheen from a glossy finish?
00:24:46 – What should the grain orientation be for a shoulder vice?
00:26:00 – Have you ever used 3M Cubitron sandpaper?
00:27:23 – Will there be a guild meeting this month?
00:28:05 – Do you think some of the jigs out there for turning table legs is safe?
00:30:00 – How can you keep a tabletop flat without a breadboard end?
00:32:30 – What’s the current woodworking trend online?
00:35:09 – Which major power tool could you do without?
00:36:20 – Would you pick a radial arm saw over a sliding compound miter saw?
00:37:45 – How think and deep would you make mortise tenons for casework with 3/4″ stock?
00:39:10 – What’s your biggest pet peeve about YouTube?
00:44:48 – What’s the best way to paint after assembly?
00:49:18 – Why are you fidgeting with a card scraper?

Classic Card Scraper

We started our live show as a community-focused Q&A show featuring me (Marc) and my wife Nicole as a way to connect with other woodworkers each week. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to share thoughts and ideas with your fellow woodworkers.

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