Simple and inexpensive jig.

00:08 Change of groove width
02:29 Circle Cutting jig
02:29 Parallel guide
05:56 Right Angle Guide
07:45 Magnetic Edge Guide
07:03 Long Edge Guide
15:12 Adjustable Routing Template
10:01 Freehand routing
10:01 Flush cut
10:01 Flattening Sled
10:01 Edge Groove Jig
16:38 Router Table

Brand: Makita
Model number: RT50DZ

Trimmer bit
Brand: HOZLY
Model number: 401060025

Double-coated adhesive tape (peelable)
Brand: Nitto Denko(Nitto)
Model Number: 5000NS

Low head bolt (M6) Shorten it a little before use.
Model Number: Y311-0630

10 trimmer jig

Trimmers should be used to trim 2-3mm at a time, not all at once.
Pay attention to the direction of travel for the jig to change the groove width.
If the right-angle guide slides easily, please put a non-slip backing on the guide.
Be careful not to injure yourself.
I am still learning English, so my notation may be incorrect.