Meet Noah, the 14 year old woodworking prodigy that has found woodworking projects that sell in his area. He can’t keep up with the demand for his woodworking projects and is doing 99% of the work on his own. Noah battles migraines and while in the hospital with one of his migraines, he found a passion for woodworking. Noah’s work ethic and determination to succeed is evident. Check out his story!

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0:00 Teenage Woodworker
0:29 How to Get Started Woodworking
1:23 How to Set Your Product Apart from the Competition
1:43 How to Improve Your Skills in Woodworking
2:45 How to Balance Woodworking and School Work
3:28 What’s the Biggest Challenge You Faced in Business?
3:49 How to Market Your Woodworking Projects
4:17 What’s Your Most Successful Project?
4:45 Selling over 110 Projects in a few weeks
5:15 How to handle profits as a teenager
6:10 Best Advice for Beginner Woodworkers
6:50 Dealing with Negative Stereotypes as a Young Woodworker
7:37 What Role Do Young People Play in Woodworking
8:12 Future Plans for Noah
8:32 Woodworking Power Tip from Noah
9:13 Surprising Noah with a SawStop
10:14 Surprising Noah with a CNC
11:39 How to Support Noah

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