Easy removal and attachment.
Fixed function added to the handle of the angle grinder. By fixing it, it can be used as a lathe or belt sander.

Angle Grinder
Brand: Bosch
Model Number: GWS7-100E

Brand: @Plywood (Sakuma Lumber Co., Ltd.)
Type: Shina plywood lauan core 15mm

Red Oak, Black Cherry: Woody Yoneda Co.

Iron plate: (Thickness 4.5㎜) Handle
Stainless steel plate: (1 mm) belt sander
Iron angle: (thickness 3 mm) 30 mm x 30 mm
Shaft rod: M10 screw and 10 mm diameter rod (linear motion rod)
Belt sandpaper: width 75 mm, length 533 mm

When using a lathe or belt sander, the speed setting of the angle grinder is used in the slowest mode.
I plan to try installing a shaft coupler because the belt sander caused a lot of vibration when the rpm was increased.