My Epoxy Workshop [+Bonuses]:
Enter My Table Giveaway:
New Blacktail n3 Nano:

Customer interview:
Wood supplier interview:

Items used in this build:
New Blacktail n3 Nano:
Wagner moisture meter:
Deep pour epoxy:
Angle grinder:
Track saw:
Table top epoxy (touch-ups/fast):
CA glue:
Threaded inserts:
Festool sander:
Roundover bit:
Mesh sandpaper:
Photography light (similar):
Cordless router:
Flex Paste:
Threaded Inserts:

00:00 Introduction
00:47 Choosing a layout
02:42 Planing big slabs
03:30 Live edge cleanup
04:49 How I really feel
06:52 How to make an epoxy table
08:37 First mistakes
09:49 Second mistake
12:05 Oh this? Another mistake
14:37 Where to find tool rental
15:21 Table giveaway
17:11 Deep chamfer
18:10 Fill wood holes
19:47 Mounting table legs
21:28 Close to the finish line
22:29 The worst possible news
24:34 So what now?