Woodworking is filled with tips, tricks, and new ideas and nobody can remember all of them, but what we can do is help train our brain to work out new ways of doing old and repetitive tasks and making them more accurate and easier as we go, like rounding corners on table tops by using a compass, and how do your find the pivot point? and what about drilling into end grain dowels, a quick easy shop made clamping jig; tape measure use, probably the most used tool in the workshop, how can we improve on them, well-masking tape is the answer!! and ever tried to make your own thumb screws or thumb bolts, for quick and easy use, now with hot melt glue, you can easily make some DIY versions that work exceedingly well for use on woodworking jigs and clamping devices. In this video, I give you some great clamping tips and drill press tips!

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