Wood finishing is easy if you avoid these 5 mistakes. I’ll show you how to properly sand, stain, and clear coat your woodworking projects.

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0:00 How to Stain and Finish Wood
0:54 Removing Wood Glue
1:58 How to Fill Knot Holes in Wood
3:46 How to Sand Wood
5:25 Prepare Wood for Stain
6:20 The Secret to flawless wood finish on pine
7:08 How to Apply Stain to Wood
9:35 Circle Marks in Wood Finish
10:02 Light Spots after Staining Wood
10:53 Wood Staining Mistakes
12:17 How to Apply Laquer to Wood
12:54 Polyurethane vs Laquer
18:18 Applying Laquer Tips and Tricks