Woodpeckers new Align-A-Saw System knocks down the roadblocks that stand between you and a dialed-in table saw. Even the best saw blades are only held to a flatness tolerance of around ±.005″, the teeth get in the way when you’re trying to measure and the distance between front and rear measurements is just too short. The massive 3/8″ tick, solid steel Align-A-Saw Plate is surface ground to a flatness tolerance of .002″ and extends the distance from front to rear to a generous 12″. The new stainless steel Align-A-Saw Gauge is a square engineered specifically for setting up your table saw. Its thin profile helps you see even tiny misalignments, steps over the table insert area so there’s no interference and is held square to the blade by a stand that fits in the miter gauge slot. The Plate and Gauge together give you an ideal reference to set square and 45°. Pair the Align-A-Saw Plate with Woodpeckers Saw Gauge and you’ll have the perfect set-up for aligning your saw arbor and table.