Woodworkers are always filled with new ideas, and most of them are good, but all of them and sometimes we need to try them out to find out they were not good idea at all, in fact they are downright bad ideas and don’t follow workshop safety rules … like trying to sharpen your hardened steel joint blades on a shop made jig and anyone who has tried this knows this is tedious at best and seldom gives good consistent results, another one that I hear often is rubbing saw dust over wet glue to take it off, all this does is spread the glue around and make a terrible mess on your glue-up, making your table saw insert sounds like a good idea but once you have pushed 1 or 2 boards through and your lines have disappeared, it’s no so great, and pushing vertical boards through a table saw without using a backer board is inviting kickback, even better is to use a vertical jig for this, safer and more accurate, and don’t forget to put your hacksaw blades in correctly, you will get better cuts, quicker and probably keep your blades longer … You can look at this series a woodworking safety videos!

Make a Tenon Jig for the Table Saw: https://youtu.be/s8h-1FRC6Ic

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