Here are some of my Best of Woodworking and Woodworking ASMR clips from my Instagram feed and YouTube videos. These woodworking videos were all filmed in my shop over the last 4 years or so. There is no voiceover, just a compilation of best of woodworking clips, projects and woodworking ASMR shopsounds, with a few choice tunes laid down by Stay tuned for PART 2!!

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0:00 Intro
0:06 Dovetail Walnut Drawer Boxes (Music Credit: “Jimmy’s Jam” –
0:40 Custom Chisel Rack #shopsounds
1:05 Chisel Rabbet Cleanup #shopsounds
1:13 Chisel Shoulder Cleanup #shopsounds
1:38 Custom Walnut Round Door Pulls (Music Credit: “Fire & Brimstone” –
2:29 Walnut + Brass Chisel Handles #shopsounds
2:58 Concealed Adjustable Feet #shopsounds
3:21 Custom Walnut Door Pulls (Music Credit: “Rigatoni Revolver –
4:01 Kreg Concealed Hinge Jig #shopsounds
4:21 Asanoha Kumiko Panel #shopsounds
5:22 Hardware Drawer-ganization #shopsounds
6:35 Custom Drawer Front (Music Credit: “Electric Youth” –
7:30 Blum Meta File Drawer System #shopsounds
8:19 White Oak Candle Votivs #shopsounds
9:17 Walnut Table Buttons (Music Credit: “Fettuccine 44” –
10:04 Custom Tool/Hand Plane Till #shopsounds
10:37 Cutting Dovetails by Hand #shopsounds
11:35 Mahogany Planter Stands (Music Credit: “Fire & Brimstone” –
12:44 Building a Miter-fold Case #shopsounds
13:32 Chisel Work #shopsounds
13:47 Customized Router Bit Storage #shopsounds
14:11 Sapele Wedges #shopsounds
14:22 Furniture Repair #shopsounds
15:20 Liquor Cabinet Wine Rack #shopsounds
16:01 Customizing the top of a SYStainer #shopsounds
17:00 Rebating for a Breadboard End #shopsounds
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