Building a Dual Monitor Stand // HUGE Woodworking Mistake // Monitor Stand for Desk DIY … In this video, I am building a dual monitor stand for my 2 iMacs and I make a cornucopia of goof ups along the way…miscuts, mismeasurements…and the big woodworking mistake….not accounting for wood movement!! What was I thinking?? Oh, I wasn’t. Eek. But I’ll show you how I fixed that big woodworking mistake and how to avoid it. What should have been a simple project turned into one problem after another, but I persevered and created something useful for my home video editing setup. I also installed a hidden wireless charger for my iphone to try and keep up with the techies. #dualmonitorstand #monitorstand #woodworkingmistakes #wirelesscharger

0:00 Intro and template making
0:51 Milling and glue-up
1:34 Building the center support
2:24 Logo medallion
2:36 Domino and gluing up parts
3:12 Routing the template
4:09 Drilling for the wireless charger
4:22 Prepping the legs
4:53 Confession time!! Wood movement and explanation
7:06 Fixing the mistake and accounting for wood movement
7:52 Yet another mistake…and fixing it
8:23 Installing the center support
8:46 Rubio application
9:04 Installing the wireless charger
9:16 Final install of stand, monitors, keyboards, cats, etc. and outro…
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