In this video we will show you how to make a DIY table. This will be a mid century modern table made of oak wood.
First of all, we need to pass the boards through the plane and thickness gauge. Since the boards are 50mm thick, we cut them 35mm and 15mm using a circular saw. So, it is not easy, but unfortunately, we do not have a large band saw. Therefore, we leave from what we have.
We use 35mm boards for the manufacture of the working part of the table, the size of which is 1360 * 610. First, we glue the shield with PVA glue and squeeze it with clamps and leave it for 24 hours.
After the glue has dried, the next day I will start flatting the surface.
For this I use two hand planers.
One is a Stanley # 4 plane for the first flatting step, and the other is # 7 for completing the flatting of the table surface. In the time of big technologies, we unfortunately forget how to work with a hand tool, but these are very pleasant minutes spent working with a hand tool.
The next step is to mill the table edge at a 22.5 ° angle. This is done so that the legs, which will have a bend, are directed parallel to this angle of inclination, that is, 22.5 °.
It will not be easy to do this, but we love the difficulty in making furniture.
Many angles were used to make the legs, which we showed in the video when making an oak table. From the top of the table, we have left a space of 120mm high, which will serve as a shelf. And below we made a small diy cabinet for papers and documents. The joints of the boxes were made with a dovetail joint.
The cabinet will be partly made of oak and partly of 12mm plywood and covered with oak veneer. We will show you how to glue the veneer using contact glue at home without a vacuum press.
In order to bring our table closer to the classics, we do not use metal guides with closers for boxes, we will mill the pass in boxes 12mm by 10mm wide, and on the other hand we glue a 15mm by 10mm oak guide. Thus, our box will have wooden Diy rails made of oak.
For the topcoat we use oil wax from Osmo. Bosch 18v tools were also used to make the table, links under the video.
Enjoy your viewing.

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