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This video is about how we built and sold sixteen thousand dollars worth of charcuterie boards in our cutting board woodworking business. We show the entire building process from start to finish as well as discuss our business plan to sell cutting and charcuterie boards. Our inventory management system is working because we still haven’t run out of boards yet! Thankfully we were able to build 116 charcuterie boards before we ran out!

00:00 Intro
00:21 Cutting and Milling the Walnut
1:15 Cutting strips to widen narrow boards
1:30 Gluing boards together to get ideal width
1:55 How we SELL hundreds of charcuterie boards!
02:28 Cleaning up charcuterie boards with shallow milling passes
03:25 Cutting to length
03:39 How we DELIVER hundreds of charcuterie boards!
04:07 Marking/drilling hole for leather strap
04:15 Marking handle offcuts
04:30 Flush-cutting handle to final shape
05:00 Filling knots/imperfections/sanding
05:46 Pricing and profit from $15,000 of Charcuterie Boards
07:25 Our Pricing Calculator is FREE for you to use!
07:38 A quick note to the haters…
08:05 Want MORE price breakdowns?
08:33 Raising grain after rough sanding
09:48 Branding each board
10:11 Final sanding

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