This episode – more tips and and a couple more woodworking jigs as well, first up is options for better lighting in poorly lit workshops, Jeffery suggested a rechargeable portable light, like many of the new LED type lights, but you could even use a head-band light, or even a plug-in light with magnetic base, lots of different options to work safer … thanks Jeffery, great suggestions, and Byron has been shopping at Harbor Freight and came up with some ideas for push blocks, like the “ceramic float” that was all I could find that was similar to Byron’s idea, add some anti-skid material to it and now you have a super good push block for not much money, and that moved us to Doug’s 2×4 push block or push stick for the table saw with the dowel handle, I love the idea or the 2×4 push block but could do without the dowel handle, I think the push block without the dowel is a god safe way of pushing wood through your table saw and finally Paul sent a picture of a table saw fence measuring simple woodworking jig that can quickly give you perfect depth alignment information for table saw blades that is not affected by the table saw blade insert and can be used with permanent or temporary markings … great tip Paul, I like it. These are some of the best woodworking jigs I’ve had submitted.

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