DIY Artistic Monitor Stand for Home Office | Kerf Bending Woodworking Projects

My wife wished for a nice looking, unique, fancy, and artistic monitor stand. So I made this cool looking monitor stand for her home office setup using kerf bending.

The total dimension of the stand is 48″ wide, 5″ tall, and 10″ deep. This project was very fun and it’s actually very easy.

List of tools (some have affiliated links) :
– Table Saw with 3mm blade kerf
– Miter Saw (note: some miter saws have awesome depth control which would have made kerfs in this project much easier, but my miter saw’s depth control has a pretty bad flex which made controlling the depth very difficult)
– Router table & flush trim bit. This is the bit I used in this project:
– Sand paper (400 grit)
– Random Orbit Sander (not necessary)
– The dowel jig I used at 2:50 :
– Bunch of clamps!
– Nailer (not necessary if you have bunch of clamps and the patience lol)
– Jig Saw (to remove excess before routing)
– Drill (makes a starting hole for jig saw, but not necessary)

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