How to make the ultimate table saw accessory for half the price. For 10% off your first purchase, go to:

This DIY sliding crosscut table is the holy grail of table saw accessories for woodworkers. This sliding table will give your table saw up to 40 inches of cross cut capability which is far greater than using a miter gauge or a sled. It’s also much easier to use than a heavy sled and doesn’t reduce your blade height like a crosscut sled would. Unlike any manufactured sliding table, this homemade version has a removable fence that doesn’t need calibrated every time you put it back on. This build is for the serious woodworker and is quite costly but it still comes in at half the price of a manufactured sliding table. Besides a few common nuts and bolts I already had on-hand every piece of the sliding crosscut table is listed below.

There are no official plans but over on Patreon I’ve included 40+ detailed photos. In about a month I’ll post a video on Patreon with my thoughts and improvements and I’ll try and answer as many questions as I can.

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Supplies Used (Amazon links are affiliate)
48″ Angle Iron:
Linear Rails 1200mm:
Baltic Birch Plywood:
Black Melamine:
Square Tubing 3/4″:
5′ T-Slotted Framing Rail:
Extra Slide Blocks:
Flanged Socket Head Screws:
Black Laminate:
Aluminum Fence:
Aluminum Angle 36″:
Dowel Pin:
Bearing Sleeve:
Inline Stop:
On/Off Magnet (Coupon ‘DAVIDPICCIUTO’):
HDPE Plastic Bar:
Flip Stop:
Adhesive Tape Measure:

Tools Used (Amazon links are affiliate)
SawStop Table Saw:
Track Saw:
Center Punch:
Drill Press:
Step Bit:
Belt Grinder:
Router Lift:
Yellow Paddles:
Milwaukee Portaband:
Portaband Table:
Transfer Screws:
Foredom Rotory Carver:
Little Bandsaw:
Angle Grinder:
Laminate Roller:
Trim Router: