Woodworking is a wonderful, relaxing art. You’ll enjoy the work, but only if you continue to bolster your knowledge. To learn more about the enjoyable hobby of woodworking, read the helpful tips presented below.

Don’t simply buy one-size-fits-all nails for your woodworking projects. Too large of a nail can split your wood, resulting in it not holding properly. Nails that are too small may not hold wood together. You need to identify the proper size for your project.

If you plan on staining your project, try using pre-stain conditioner on your wooden surfaces. Using this conditioner will reduce the amount of blotching or unevenness on your finished project. These applications even out the stain on the wood.

TIP! Use pre-stain conditioners if you’re going to stain the wood. Using this conditioner will reduce the amount of blotching or unevenness on your finished project.

Does your grip need more springiness? You might need to use spring clamps, but you may only have one free hand. It can very hard to open these up just using one hand. However, it can be made easier. Before you start gluing anything, take the time to clamp a separate wood piece so that the clamps are already open. That allows you to pop them off and use them with one hand.

Are you finding it hard to be able to reach a screw that you need to tighten? You can solve this problem. Use a screwdriver with a long handle and 12 points. Place the socket on your screwdriver, then use it on the ratchet.

Read the plans before starting when you are just starting out. It is important that you understand everything that’s required of you, and there is no missing information. If you find the plans hard to understand, ask someone with more experience. If they are professional plans, ask the place that sold them to you.

Stair gauges may be just the ticket for crosscut guides. Clamp them to a carpenter’s square while making sure they line up with the rise and run of your stair jack. Then put a mark on the notches. If you place them on the tongue you’re using for your carpenter square, that combo is a good crosscut guide for your circular saw.

TIP! Stair gauges can be used as crosscut guides. Clamp them to a carpenter’s square while making sure they line up with the rise and run of your stair jack.

Choose the type of wood that is right for the project you are planning. Don’t use pine for things like table tops because it scratches easily. Remember that different varieties of wood have different colors when they are finished.

Keep on the lookout for friends that are selling their house. Even if you don’t sell items, you can still make money from woodworking. It can increase your home’s value. You can do a lot from just getting a new post for a mailbox, to doing their kitchen’s drawers.

Don’t apply a ton of pressure when sanding. Sanding while using pressure will make a surface less even because you’ll be gouging the surface. It’s important to learn which sandpaper grit should be used because this will allow you to sand easily without needing to be forceful. Sand with the grain of wood and lightly.

When using stains or finishes, be sure to stir them, rather than shake them. Some of the ingredients tend to settle as time goes on. Shaking can lead to bubbling, though, which causes its own set of problems. Stir it well and you shouldn’t have an issue.

TIP! When you apply wood finishes and stains, make sure you stir, not shake them. Some ingredients they contain will settle at the bottom of the can, which can effect the outcome of your project.

If a saw guide for a circular saw is needed, a stair gauge will work perfectly. Typically, stair gauges are used to calibrate stair jack rises and runs. However, if you use them on your carpenter square’s tongue, you will have a great circular saw guide.

Only use one extension cord when you are woodworking. When not using a tool, unplug it. Then, plug in the tool you are going to use. This safely tip can prevent tripping hazards and electrocution risks.

It’s never a waste of time to watch woodworking shows on television. They are full of useful information and provide great ideas about projects you may not have thought of. Look through the TV listings to find shows like this.

Select the proper wood for any project you do. Different woods have different properties. Some woods are much stronger than others. If you aren’t positive of what type of wood to use, you should first gain an understanding of them.

TIP! Select an appropriate sort of wood for each project. In woodworking, not every wood can sustain every type of stress.

Have a budget set aside for your woodworking. Remember to itemize your budget for each project you pursue. Figure out what you need, as well as what it is going to cost. Nothing is worse than having to give up on a project due to a lack of funds.

Avoid loose-fitted clothing when you use saws and power tools. One loose shirt can lead to disaster. To keep yourself protected, wear fitted shirts that tuck into your pants. You can also wear steel-toed shoes to prevent your feet from getting injured

Get tools of good quality. Cheap tools will break easily, and you’ll get very frustrated. Although high-quality tools are usually more expensive, they are typically made to last for many years, as long as you care for it properly. This saves money over time because you will not need to replace your tools frequently.

If you’re looking to rent a tool you’ve never used before, ask for a tutorial before you leave the shop. The people that work for these companies have representatives well-versed in the tools they rent. They can get you up to speed. Ask for handouts and manuals as well.

TIP! If you need to rent a tool for woodworking, lease one from a tool company and ask them how to use it. Quite often, they’ve got specialists available that can help you get comfortable with the tool faster than if you learned it on your own.

Practice before embarking full on with a new technique or tool. Get a piece of scrap wood and try out new tools or techniques on it. If at first you don’t succeed, keep trying it until you get it right.

Do not overbuy tools, wood, hardware, or any other supplies. Quite often bulk buying means bulk inventory that just sits around taking space. Instead, buy just want you need now and the things you know you’re going to actually use in the immediate future.

Carefully inspect a used piece of lumber for any metal, including nails and screws. You may not think that there are nails or other metal pieces in new lumber, but this is not the case. Sometimes lumber is joined together with bands that are stapled into place and can remain in the lumber causing injury.

Before applying glue, try a dry fitting first. It won’t be easy to adjust things as necessary if you’ve already applied the glue. Dry-fits help you see what components go in what locations.

TIP! Prior to applying glue, attempt a dry fitting. Adjusting your wood after applying glue can cause damage to your project.

Fly cutters can be dangerous. In order to make the bit and arm easier to see, so you can avoid them, paint the tips with fluorescent paint. This will help you keep out of the way when you are cutting the wood.

If you are always double-checking measurements when you cut against one straight edge with your circular saw, take time to write measurements right from the edge of the shoe, to the blade on top of the shoe. Do it on each side of the blades. If you can’t read them, use an address label that is blank on that shoe to write them.

When you’re working with wood, you should understand that you don’t have to have perfect creations all the time. Your creations are allowed to have personality. You will get better as you go along, and the tips you have just read will help you find your way in the field of woodworking.

Always be sure you’re buying the right nail in the right size for the job you’re working on. Very large nails can cause the wood to split, which will prevent it from holding well. Also, if you have a nail that isn’t big enough it’s nothing going to hold the wood right or penetrate it. You should know what size you need to get the job done.