I used a hybrid woodworking approach to build this dovetailed spice drawer organizer by leveraging the speed of power tools with the precision of hand tools. I built this organizer out of scrap walnut lumber I had left over from previous builds. This organizer is characterized by the distinct angle present throughout many facets of the final piece.

The prominent joinery technique in this piece is handcut dovetails, while the dividers are fit into dado joints. The entire build took me one weekend.

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00:00 – Messy drawer!
00:17 – Gathering materials
00:39 – Milling stock
02:13 – Transferring design
02:34 – Custom table saw jig
02:56 – Cutting dados
04:25 – Hand cutting dovetails
07:13 – Cutting bevels with hand plane
07:57 – Glue up
08:35 – Installing dividers
09:32 – Finish planing
10:21 – Applying lacquer
10:44 – Final product

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