Step by step guide to building a live edge wood/slab dining table. From where to get the wood, how to secure cracks with bow ties, adding steel C-channels, and lots more tips to get you an heirloom quality slab table that won’t crack or cup on you down the road.

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How to install C-channels:
How to sand wood:
Bow tie jig:

Table legs by Flowyline:
C-channels by Canadian Woodworks:

Items used in this video:
Sandpaper storage:
Festool track saw:
Fast drying epoxy:
Black dye for epoxy:
Tyvek tape:
Brass router bushings:
Festool router:
Japanese marking knife:
Butt chisel set:
Double side tape:
Threaded inserts:
Threaded inserts canada:
Furniture bolts:
Best wood glue:
Festool sander:
CA glue and activator:
Trim router:
1/8″ roundover bit:
Odie’s Oil:
Odie’s super pen: