These are the best sounding speakers I’ve ever made. They are 4-way open baffle with a 15″ woofer that plays from 80Hz to 300Hz. an 8″ mid-woofer that covers 300Hz to 900Hz, a 5″ midrange from 900Hz to 2800Hz and a horn loaded 1″ dome tweeter that takes the response from 2800Hz to 20KHz .
Four 12″ infinite baffle subwoofers fill in the bass from 20Hz to 80Hz
They are fully active with digital crossovers for the ultimate in fine tuning capability and sonic purity.
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The music at the end is an actual recording in my listening room of these speakers. The recording very closely matches the original music if you play that directly, demonstrating the fidelity and accuracy of the speakers.
These speakers are fairly big, but completely disappear when playing and project the most realistic soundstage I’ve ever experienced. A big part of that is the room treatment that reduces reverb time in the low frequencies and eliminates destructive reflections.
While big speakers don’t have a high Wife Acceptance Factor, in my opinion they are the only way to get realistic sound reproduction in a room at any listening level.
I made them from cherry that has an even heartwood / sapwood mix and oriented the layers so that the edge grain of the board (rather than the face grain) faces out. The corners overlap to add strength, but also for because I think it looks cool.
They are finished with a total of 5 sprayed on layers of oil based polyurethane to bring out the rich colour and grain of the wood.

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