I go hard on the state of woodworking on YouTube (and social media in general).

You said you appreciate my brutal honesty, well I get pretty brutal in this one. I’m not stupid enough to call out individuals, but I do go after obnoxious trends that most wood related YouTube channels are guilty of. Those trends need to DIE in 2023!!!!

Now if I’m honest, those trends won’t go away. I’m raging against the machine here, and there’s no way any of these larger channels are going to heed the advice of a pipsqueak channel like mine.

So why make this video? Because if enough of us consumers of content band together, perhaps we can affect change and make the content creator space a bit more honest.

I’ve decided to suspend comments on this video simply because I’ve said my piece and its time to move on. I read EVERYTHING, responded to most, and completely ignored (or blocked) quite a few. To all who decided to comment, I say “message received.” To those who may view this after suspending comments, I appreciate your view, and if you are so compelled, you can reach out to me through other videos or platforms. Keep it respectful, and I’ll respond.