How to make a simple heavy duty workbench out of nothing but 2x4s. Brought to us by EcoFlow. Check out their portable power stations here:

Get the plans for this workbench:

Making a woodworking workbench doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive. In this build I use nothing but 2x4s (as well as glue and brad nails). There’s no complicated joinery and can be made without any clamps. One of the things I struggled with when I got started with woodworking is how to make a workbench without a workbench to work on? This project is so simple it can be done out of the back of your truck or driveway with very few tools. You could get by with only a circular saw and a drill if needed. You ready to Make Something?! Let’s go!

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Tools and Supplies used in this video (Affiliate links)
Deck Screws:

Miter Saw:
Deck Screws:
Expansion Brackets:
Brad Nailer:
Brad Nails:
Air Compressor:
Wood Glue:
Thickness Planer:

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