Getting good quality table saw cuts is significant to woodworkers who consider themselves to be serious about their woodworking and what they are making which is often boxes, picture frames, and quality furniture like chairs, tables, cabinets, and benches. We have often relied on high-quality dedicated cross-cutting and ripping blades for these purposes. Still, anyone who has seen the quality of cuts you can get from the Freud Premier Fusion, General Purpose blade can quickly change their mind. If you are constantly swapping blades in your table saw, you will definitely want to look at this blade. Imagine a blade that is good as the best ripping and crossing blades, but you never have to change the Freud blade, that’s the kind of quality you can expect, clean saw blade cuts with virtually no tear-out, chipping of wood fiber loss, truly the next generation in saw blades from Freud tools.

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