There’s a major problem with the kitchen island build video I put out two weeks ago. Did you spot it? My viewer Baerenbruder87 did.

What happens with you disregard expansion and contraction of a large wooden slab? I’m not going to find out. In this video I show you what exactly was wrong with my kitchen island build, and how I fixed it.

Thank you to all of the viewers who leave comments critiquing my builds and techniques. I’ve learned a massive amount from you all, and you are what make the dkbuilds community better for everyone else. Keep it up!

I have a comprehensive, detailed 45-page set of plans for this bench for sale on my Etsy page here:

Link to the original build video:

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Disk sander:
Bandsaw (not my exact model):
Oscillating spindle sander:
Plunge router:
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Air compressor and nailers:
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Humidity and temperature monitor:
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Retractible extension cord:
Wall mounted hardware organizer:
Propane heater:

Titebond thick CA glue:
Titebond accelerator:
Spray on lacquer:
Pallet knives for applying glue:
Glue bottle:
Arm-R-Seal polyurethane:
Black nitrile gloves:

Diamond stone:
Whet (water) stone:
Water stone holder:
6″ steel rule:

Sony A6400 camera:
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