Some people were furious I used this slab, and I actually understand why.
Blacktail bow tie jig (limited first run):
Blacktail epoxy table workshop:

My first attempt at working with Old Growth Redwood for my nicest client ever.

Shop live edge slabs like this:

Items used in this video
New Blacktail n3 Nano (replaces ceramic):
Inlay Kit:
Brass Bushings:
Forklift Extensions:
Cordless Angle Grinder:
Carving Disc:
Face Shield:
Sandpaper Storage:
Belt Sander:
Osmo 3043:
Table Top Epoxy:
Gem Buffer:
Liquid Wax Cleaner:
Wire Wheel:

0:00 Intro
1:02 Live edge cleanup
1:50 Faking a live edge
4:41 Slab flattening
6:32 Fixing a broken wood slab
7:25 First-ever Blacktail product
10:30 Easy bow tie inlay
13:03 Best finish for Redwood?
14:00 Finishing the backside
15:33 Best/worst wall mount?
17:00 How to finish Redwood
19:46 Ceramic finish on wood
20:30 Final reveal