Hello there all of you beautiful creators! It’s up to us to keep this world pretty because if it’s not us, who the hell els is going to do it? This is my 2021 shop tour. I really hope it helps inspire you to grow or you learn something from it. Any questions or feedback are welcomed as always. Sorry I missed a few things.. I shot this 3 times because I kept having audio issues. By the 3rd time I missed my bandsaw, lathe, and router table. Here is what I have:

Davis and Wells 20″ Bandsaw (ABSOLUTLEY LOVE IT)

Old Powermatic lathe (Ive never owned a lathe before and I am a bit new to turning but Im liking it so far!)

Rockler cast iron router table on a mobile base. Bosch router attached with an INCRA Mast-R-Lift-ll-R and Rockler dust collection. ( Love this set up!)