Today I’m building a DIY coffee table out of a Live Edge Slab with WATERFALL LEGS!! This was a ton of fun and I learned a lot in the process, my friend Ashe showed me some new techniques and I got to try our some new tools along the way! It’s been a minute since I’ve gotten to do some real woodworking and make a nice furniture piece and I had a blast building this one! Let me know your thoughts… and no, the glue joints aren’t going to break 🙂

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Materials and Supplies:
Slab: White Oak. apex 6’x32″….. 2″ thick
Flattening Jig:
Wood Glue:
Pull Saw:
Japanese Hand Plane:
Simple Finish:
My camera:

Where I Get My Music (Free Trial):

Thanks for watching!!
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Thanks for watching!
-Mike Montgomery

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