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Magnets in the Woodshop are some of the coolest and most versatile things for woodworking life hacks. You really can come up with uses for every single part of your workflow. Today I will show you how to install the strongest 10mmx5mm magnets in the world (the same ones we use in the K-M Dovetail Jig) and show you my top ten favorite ways I’ve utilized them in my shop.

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Intro 0:00
Types of Magnets and Buying Advice 0:46
How to Install Magnets 2:30
Chisel Magnetic Guides 4:43
Magnetic Saw Guides 5:42
Hand Plane Magnetic Jointing Guide 6:23
Magnets on your Workbench 6:46
Magnets at the Table Saw 7:08
Magnets at the Drill Press 7:47
Magnets for Dust Collection 8:14
Magnets on Tape Measures 8:48
Magnets as Stud Finders 9:02
Magnets for Card Scrapers 9:35
Secret Compartments with Magnets 9:50
Final Thoughts 10:03

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