Make your own paint to put that special final touch on your woodworking projects!
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Tools and Materials in this Video (affiliate):
Powdered Milk Paint:
Powdered Pigment:
Boiled Linseed Oil:
Cheese Cloth:
Foam Brushes:
Clear Shellac:
Do NOT apply shellac with a foam brush. Instead, use this:
Maroon Sctochbright Pads:

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Wood Work for Humans Tool List (affiliate):
Stanley 12-404 Handplane:
Honing Guide:
Green buffing compound:
Cheap metal/plastic hammer for plane adjusting:
Spade Bits:
Metal File: (I don’t own this one, but it looks good and gets good reviews. DOESN’T NEED A HANDLE)
My favorite file handles:
Block Plane Iron (if you can’t find a used one):
Stanley Marking Knife:
Blue Kreg measuring jig:
Blue Handled Marples Chisels:
Suizan Dozuki Handsaw:
Vaughan Ryoba Handsaw:
Glue Dispenser Bottle:
Orange F Clamps:
Blue Painters Tape:
Round-head Protractor:
5 Minute Epoxy:
Dewalt Panel Saw:

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