With many of us trying to maximize small paces, the cafe table or small kitchen table is back in style. This small kitchen table build is perfect for a breakfast nook, outdoor area, or as a staple in your kitchen. The table comfortably seats two and is made from just a limited supply of pure hardwood, in this case ash. This cafe table design is the perfect diy small round dining table that can be built with average woodworking tools and a bit of creativity. The breakfast nook table is a small size dining table design that will allow you to fit what means the most to you in your space, and provides for ease in movement and living. Even if you have a full size table, this small dining table design is perfect for patio spaces or sunrooms where an additional standard height table would be a great accent. The wood cafe table is much warmer than a lot of iron and glass counterparts, and this small round table allows for placement in any number of configurations with any number of styles and decor. Small kitchen table ideas are plenty, and this build is still build in a semi-knockdown style, with a removable top from the pedestal base. It is the perfect piece for small kitchen design ideas with dining table or dining table design ideas for small spaces. If you’re a fan of this build, be sure to comment and let me know and always feel free to give me suggestions of other things you’d like to see on the channel. Thanks for watching!

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