This Art Deco inspired frame is made from three types of wood: walnut, maple and cherry. It took roughly two full days to build and a lot of that was waiting for glue to dry on parts as I put them together.
The design is what I think of as unbalanced symmetry, where the top and bottom don’t match each other, but are symmetrical on their own. The top has the geometrical illusion of depth, but the bottom presents a flatter view. The top is more elaborate while the bottom is simple. This works well with this particular poster and I designed the frame specifically for it.
It’s a fairly large frame (around 40″ x 30″) and the corners on the bottom are reinforced with splines. A cleat was let in across the angled pieces that make up the top corners to reinforce those joints. The outer frame is a continuous band of cherry that also adds strength.
The finish is a coat of boiled linseed oil to start and then three sprayed on coats of water based polyurethane. Oil brings out the rich colour of the walnut and cherry, darkening them before the water based poly is sprayed on to build a protective layer.
It is hung on the wall with a single French cleat that fits into a recess routed in the back of the top of the frame using a dovetail router bit.
While this frame is unusually fancy for a poster, it doesn’t have any glass. The poster itself is just taped to the back of the frame.

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