How does this display table hold itself up? Find out in this video, where I build a piece of furniture known as a tensegrity table.

Tensegrity structures are ones which rely on tension to maintain stability. This tensegrity table is built out of scrap walnut, fishing line, and a few brad nails.

I designed the wooden components of this table myself, but was very heavily inspired by a 3D printed table I saw on YouTube by a creator named Seabird HH.

I made and repaired a number of mistakes during this build, which was definitely more difficult and stressful than my usual builds due to the experimental nature. The main mistake, shown in the intro, was using mortise and tenon joinery with structurally weak cross-grain tenons. In retrospect, I should have just glued the hook shaped piece directly to the surface, since it is a face-grain to face-grain joint.

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