These were my first thoughts on these bench dogs when I first designed my bench:

SPECIAL DEAL: At no extra cost, Twin Turbo Vises comes with 2 maple dog tops to go with the bench dog posts and magnets that come with the vise. You can switch this to 2 Jatoba tops for small up-charge. These options will remain but they won’t always be free/cheap, check that out here:

That link also takes you to the bench dog posts and tops. As mentioned in the video the presale is over but if you use code “MOREPRESALE” you’ll get 15% the dog tops which brings the cost down around the presale levels. If this message is still here then that offer is still active.

Also, I had a lot of ground to cover in this video can cut some general dog detail, but I’ve talk about the dog design concept several times before, so check these out if you want more:

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