There is no substitute for working with seasoned, not term Woodworking Professionals and Carpenters, they work so smoothly and all that I have worked with a very adept at what they do from Finish Carpenters to Boat Builders they all have their tricks of the trade and use things they have on hand for innovative uses like Carpenter’s levels as measuring sticks, Paraffin wax to make tools glide over the wood on everything from hand saws, to table saws, jointers, planers and even wooden drawer glides, then using an ordinary chisel as a marking skew for super-accurate marking and all sorts of other creative ideas in today’s woodworking class!

Secret Tips the Woodworking Pros Won’t Tell You 1 –
Colin Knecht’s Woodworking Tips and Tricks Episode 1 –
Beginners Workbench Hacks Part 1:
Subscriber submitted workshop tips Part 1:
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