A landscape scene of the Mount Fuji and some nature around with various traditional Japanese Kumiko patterns.

One goal of this project was to design a decent large panel with small triangles inside, enough to give a good resolution but also with sufficient space inside to work the patterns.

There are 8 Kumiko patterns in the scene, all from different wood types, with different natural colors, like walnut-brown, pear-pink, mulberry-yellow, maple-white and so on, each used at its best to represent the landscape items.

■ For the design I’ve used this fantastic web app created by Douwe https://www.kumikodesigner.com/

■ A good reference in Kumiko making are these books from Des King:
Shoji and Kumiko Design vol.1, D.King http://geni.us/jcRTYl
Shoji and Kumiko Design vol.2, D.King https://geni.us/4ZlKt
Shoji and Kumiko Design vol.3, D.King https://geni.us/X9Kvk

■ Tools used in this video:
Suizan 6” Dozuki Saw – https://amzn.to/2QvyXuX​ (Amazon)
Suizan 7” Flush Cut Saw – https://amzn.to/2Np03lT (Amazon)
Mini Dozuki 120mm Blade – https://bit.ly/37f45XT (Dictum)
Japanese Marking Knife – https://bit.ly/2NEgq3Z (Dictum)
Kugishime Mini Hammer – https://bit.ly/3bwl2Ru (Dictum)
Bessey Kliclamps – http://geni.us/8xbg (Amazon), https://bit.ly/2UJ3pan (Dictum)

■ You can find a list of all my tools here https://www.adrianpreda.com/blog/tools​

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0:00 Intro
0:16 Making the grid (Jigumi)
2:46 Cutting the Kumiko strips
3:19 Asa-no-ha Pattern
4:10 Kasane Rindo Pattern
4:36 Rindo Asa-no-ha Pattern
4:53 Tsumi-ishi Kikko Pattern
5:04 Shippo Kikko Pattern
5:29 Kawari Asa-no-ha Pattern
5:49 Tsuno Asa-no-ha Pattern
6:06 Sakura Kikko Pattern
6:28 Background Glue Up
7:10 Frame Making
7:42 Final
by Epidemic Sound: