So simple and easy, but oh so accurate. Using ordinary masking tape for lining up the holes for dowels is pretty much fool-proof. I used this method several times after I made this video and with the same results: perfectly lined up dowels.
Now I should mention that the tape locates the centre point precisely, but it’s up to you to drill the hole straight. Using a brad-point bit is mandatory and getting a feel for drilling at a 90 degree angle is also very important. However, you can use a block of wood with a hole drilled on the drill press to help guide the drill bit straight, if drilling freehand. Or just drill the holes on a drill press if you have one.
But with that said, the holes don’t need to be drilled at the exact angle – they just need to be close and the joint will go together without any problem. The important thing (and why the dowel centre pins failed) is that the holes are in perfectly lined up on both parts, and that’s what the tape trick does.
Try it out for yourself!

Line Up Dowels PERFECTLY the Easy Way – Essential Woodworking Knowledge

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