My first attempt at larger wood carving, or more accurately, power carving. I have used some electric carving tools before. But this was my first time using a chainsaw carving disc, and actually my first time using a chainsaw too! I started with a big chunk of english walnut and shaped it down to an end table for our new house. As always, SUBSCRIBE for more videos and let me know what you think of this one!

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Items used in this video:
Kutzall Extreme disc:
Kutzall fine disc:
Kutzall rasp:
Chainsaw disc:
Rotex sander:
Soft sanding pad:
Best sander:
Chainsaw helmet:
Router sled:
Bosch router:
Chisel alternative:
Wood glue:
Marking knife:
Angle grinder:
Hardening finish:
Osmo finish: