How to make a round epoxy table. Step by step guide to how I made this round table from an old walnut root slab and epoxy resin. This build was a little unusual, so there are several parts that I used/invented techniques that I had never done before. The biggest improvement from my last round table build was how to make a perfectly round form with very little wood/epoxy waste. I hope you like it, and feel free to comment with any questions or feedback!

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Items used in this video
Circle cutting jig:
Festool router:
Straight/plunge router bit:
Spiral flush trim bit:
Liquid glass epoxy:
Sandpaper storage:
Paddle mixer:
Landscape boarder:
Mold release:
Black dye:
1/8 roundover bit:
Trim router:
Seal a cell:
Osmo 3043:
Liquid wax cleaner:
Best Festool sander:
Vacuum Clamp:
Gem buffer: