■ A video showing my process and setup when sharpening the woodworking hand tools, like planes, chisels, marking instruments from my workshop.

For now I have my sharpening setup a bit non organized, I deploy them every time when needed on my workbench, but have in plan very soon to build a sharpening station!

Hope you’ll find the video useful, and if any questions you will have please comment below.

■ My sharpening setup:

• Shapton Waterstones Set – http://amzn.to/2zZ285k (Amazon)
• Shapton #320 – https://geni.us/SHAPTON320 (Amazon)
• Shapton #1000 – http://geni.us/SHAPTON1000 (Amazon)
• Shapton #5000 – http://geni.us/SHAPTON5000 (Amazon)
• Shapton #8000 – http://geni.us/SHAPTON8000 (Amazon)
• Atoma Diamond #400 – http://geni.us/atoma400 (Amazon)
• Veritas Honing Guide Mk.II – https://bit.ly/2OOdEXb (Dictum)
• Cheap Honing guide – http://geni.us/q4G1Vur (Amazon), https://bit.ly/3bvlQ8D (Dictum)
• Stone Holder – https://bit.ly/37hSwPG (Dictum), https://geni.us/EOdW (Amazon)
• Non slip mat – https://bit.ly/32POLQT (Dictum)

• • List of all my tools: https://www.adrianpreda.com/blog/tools

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