It is fun to start practicing woodworking. Instead of worrying about this, take small steps. This post can improve your skills as a woodworker.

Safety must be a priority when it comes to woodworking. Always use your tools in the way they were intended to be used and wear safety equipment to avoid injury. Don’t take the guards off a tool – they’re intended to keep you safe. You don’t want to begin a woodworking project and end up in the hospital.

Use pre-stain wood conditioner before staining your project.A good pre-stain conditioner helps to even out any irregularities or blotches in your project that a stain can accentuate. These conditioners help the stain penetrate evenly and keep the wood.

Stair gauges may be just the ticket for you to use. Then you can mark all of the notches. You will make a great crosscut guide when you put each of them on the carpenter’s square.

Your workbench’s height is more important in woodworking. This will be the perfect height for the work space.

Stir finishes or stains rather than shaking them.The ingredients in them can settle over time. Shaking the can may cause the contents to bubble and it won’t mix well. Stir until it is smooth and even.

Do not use fingers to guide a narrow strip of wood into the saw. Use a piece of wood instead to help push along the cut through. This will prevent you keep your fingers.

Be sure your blade that in great condition before sawing anything. A blade that’s dull will make it almost impossible to saw correctly.

Are you having trouble reaching that is insufficient for your screwdriver and highly obscured screw? Your toolbox may hold the answer. Get a screwdriver with a long handle and pick up a socket that is 12 point.

You can often get great tools when you don’t buy them new. This will save you a lot of money when you are just starting or need to replace tools that have worn out.

Drinking some beer and woodworking may sound like fun. But it is never do that while practicing woodworking. Avoid alcohol when working on a project. This also applies for illegal drugs or pharmaceutical agents.

You may not be a master woodworker as of yet, but you are getting there. There are lots of excellent books and other forms of information available to help you continue improving your craft. You will be amazed at what you can make!