It seems everyone has a fancy, specialized jig these days. Jigs that take entire days to build. Jigs that have 18 adjustable fences and knobs and thingamahoozies. And while these jigs are useful and make for great thumbnails, they aren’t exactly necessary. So I’m here to set the record straight: YOU DON’T NEED FANCY JIGS TO MAKE FURNITURE. So stop making complicated woodworking jigs and get back to making furniture!

Maybe you enjoy making jigs. If that’s the case, live your life my friend. There is nothing wrong with enjoying that process. However this video is for the folks who don’t want to spend days building universal jigs or perhaps are intimated by the prospect of making them. This one is simple. It’s efficient. And it’s effective. Just as I described myself on Tinder in my youth.

Titebond Quick and Thick:

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