These are the first 5 hand tools, in order, that a beginner woodworker should buy. This will help you get started woodworking and pick the right tools for your projects. Knowing the must-have hand tools for woodworking can be confusing when you first start out. This video is a beginners guide to woodworking tools. This video is not sponsored. Some product links are Amazon and other affiliate links which means if you buy something we’ll receive a small commission. This helps support my channel so I can continue to make content like this.

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First 5 Power Tools Every Beginner Woodworker Should Buy –

PLANS and Mallet Template:
Greatest Free Gift I’ve Ever Received:

Tape Measures:
Fastcap Tape Measure –
Fastcap Left/Righty Tape Measure –
Lufkin Tape Measure –

Swanson Speed Square –
Framing Square –
Budget Framing Square
Framing Square Fence (TayTools) –
Framing Square Fence (Amazon) –
Framing Square Fence (Lee Valley)
Swanson Combination Square –
Woodpeckers In-Dexable Square –
DFM Small Square –
Woodpeckers Small Delve Square –
Small Square Woodpeckers 642 –
Machinist Square –

Irwin F Clamps –
Jorgensen F Clamps –
Pipe Clamps –
Pipe –
Bessey Parallel Clamps –
Parallel Clamp Comparision Video –

Budget Chisels –
Narex Richter Chisels –
3/4″ Chisel –
1/2″ Chisel –
1/4″ Chisel –
Wood by Wright Chisel Video –

Rubber Mallet –
Two Head Mallet –
Template to Build Your Own Mallet –

Flush Trim Saws:
Small Trim Saw –
Dovetail Saw –

The full list of tools and supplies I recommend can be found on my website:

Other Tools/Equipment I Use and Recommend:
T-Shirt I was Wearing –
Ariat boots I wear (super comfortable) –
Table Saw –
Table Saw Blade I’m Using –
Miter Saw –
Dust Extractor –
Tripod for Phone –
Phone Holder for Tripod –
Ariat boots I wear (super comfortable) –
Toolbox in Background –
Tool Wall over Miter Station –
Digital YouTube Sign –
Camera Gear I Use –
Computer Equipment I Use for Editing –

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