It’s not often we see innovation and the introduction of a new tool line from a company like 3M. This new 3M Xtract sander is a direct competitor to the Mirka and Festool line of sanders. Amazon and other affiliate links are used in this description that help supports this channel.

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3M Xtract Sandpaper – (25% off through September 2022).

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0:00 3M Xtract Sander Review
1:23 3M Sander First Impressions
1:45 3M Sander vs Festool Sander
2:56 3M Sander Specs and Features
4:15 3M Sander Usability
5:20 3M Xtract Sander Dust Collection
6:32 Sanding Faster with the 3M Sander
7:33 3M Xtract Cubitron Sand Paper Review
8:22 Sanding Stroke on 3M vs Festool vs DeWALT
8:46 Unintentional Features of the 3M Sander
9:10 Impressions of the 3M Sander after 2 Weeks
9:41 Cons of the new 3M Sander
11:41 Should You Buy the 3M Sander
12:52 Should You Get a 5-inch or 6-inch Sander
13:40 New Woodworking Tools are Rare