Hi Folks, to show you the variety of Japanese wood species and their uses in traditional Japanese crafts, I was decided to interview contemporary craftsmen still active in the field of traditional Japanese woodworking. These interviews were focused mainly on traditional crafts because its history of the traditional crafts.
This script I wrote based on some interviews of a few master craftsmen, the Wood and Traditional Woodworking in Japan book, and what I’ve searched on google for it. After that, I have rewritten the content, a new voice was recorded, new effects work, new music, new footage added and a new creation is created as follows: “Traditional Woodworking Throughout Japan – All of its Amazing and Incredible were Revealed”
The Japanese themselves usually classify the various traditional Japanese woodworking fields into 5 groups, 133 each of which embraces a specific technique. These fields are: fine cabinetmaking or joinery (Sashimono), carving (Horimono), turning (Hikimono), bentwork (Magemono), and Carpentry (Daiku).
I presented to you the Sashimono and carving (Horimono) in the previous videos, you’ll be watching the remaining fields at the next videos; I hope you will enjoy it!!
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Thanks guys