Smart desks don’t have to be ugly. That is what I challenged myself with before I started this build anyway. This desk is for my wife, so we designed what we thought would be the most timeless, as well as the most functional desk we could. In addition to a solid brass power outlet, USB, a light, and a dimmer. This desk is highlighted with real brass infused in resin. The liquid brass was then used to highlight the natural cracks in the slab. All this and lots more, so probably easiest to just watch the video.

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Items used in this build:
Walnut slabs:
Brass powder:
Bronze powder:
Copper powder:
Osmo Wood Finish:
Track saw:
Best sander:
Better forstner bit:
Gem buffer:
White buffing pads:
Disposable paint brushes:
Tyvek tape:
Sandpaper storage:
Thin CA glue: