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Metabo 10″ Single Bevel (Great Deal):
Dewalt 10″ Table Saw With Stand:

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What CELERY Can Teach You About WOOD…A Beginners Guide To Carpentry And Woodworking!

When I see new DIYers and woodworkers struggle with their board cuts, or building their projects, I realize that they’re often failing to understand the basic nature of wood itself. To get a better sense of how wood works…they can just look at CELERY!

Celery and wood share a similar CELLULAR STRUCTURE.

They both have longitudinal cell groups, like straws, that transport water and nutrients from their roots to their leaves (through the stalk or trunk).

These long bunches of cells give both celery and wood a GRAIN PATTERN. This is the appearance of long lines in their fiber, which run from one end of the board or stalk to the other.

This similar grain pattern affects how they respond to stress–particularly the stress of cutting or breaking.

Be sure to check out the video to see the rest of the details!

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