Making a #honeycomb wooden #shelf with the help of my girlfriends kids, especially the little 3 year old girl, who has the capability to understand the work way beyond her age. She understood exactly every step of the work that we were doing and the video came together very spontaneously without forcing anyone to do the work just for the video. I very rarely see even adults have such sharp focus and interest to understand why and how things are done, how tools work,… and most importantly having fun while working. In my eyes she’s truly a prodigy, I have many people coming to me when I work and I’ve never seen someone like her. I had constant supervision all the time to make sure that nothing goes wrong and I understand that some might think it’s dangerous, so please keep all your fears and worries to yourself, I’m aware of all of them. It’s the way of our life, raw and in contact with the elements. It all started just as an idea to make the shelves, but at the end it was way more that just that. We all worked together and we created a beautiful memory that will stay with me forever. To be able to share my knowledge and love for the work and nature, fulfills me more that anything else.

I hope you enjoyed the video, thanks for watching!


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