This is a easy to watch video on how I do my wood bow tie inlay. I don’t always want to hear an annoying commentator, so I left all the talking out of this one. No talking, just chopping… ok, it doesn’t rhyme, but it’s close. You may find this informative, relaxing, entertaining, or just enjoy the asmr sounds of the process. Thanks so much for watching, and let me know how I can improve in the comments!

How to get a finish like these tables:

Some items used in this video:
Narex chisels:
Titebond 3 wood glue:
Marking knife (not exact one in this video, but I have this one too):
Router bit:
Makita belt sander:
Bosch router:
Festool Sander:
Glue tray and brush:
CA glue and activator: