Slow motion woodworking accidents shot at 40,000 fps on the highest resolution high-speed camera in the world.

N3 Nano Tech [1st Run Pricing]:

My Epoxy Course [Bonus: Live Event]:

Chris V:

Jimmy Diresta:
Foureyes Furniture:
Katz Moses:
John Malecki:
Cam Adams: He’s just a guy, he doesn’t have a website

00:00 Introduction
00:46 Camera and cameraman
01:38 Jointer injury w/Katz Moses
04:57 Router/CNC injury w/Foureyes Furniture
07:59 Chainsaw to the leg
09:01 Testing chainsaw chaps
10:07 Blacktail n3 nanofinish
11:18 Nailgun accident
12:42 Angle grinder accident w/Malecki
16:10 Bandsaw finger slice
18:07 Table saw accident w/Jimmy Diresta
21:36 Bonus table saw accident
22:38 Accident montage