Using reclaimed counter top and a little creativity you can make a beautiful creations.

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General Tools MMD4E Digital Moisture Meter –
Pinnacle Cryogenic Fingernail Grind Bowl Gouge 1/2″ –
Pinnacle Cryogenic Fingernail Grind Bowl Gouge 3/8″ –
NOVA SuperNOVA2 23055 Wood Turning Chuck Insert Type –
NOVA G3 Chuck Without Threaded Insert –
PSI Woodworking LA11418 Headstock Spindle Adaptor (1 ¼” to 1” x 8TPI) –
6” Quick Release Bar Clamps –
Laguna Tools MLAREVO 1836 Revo Lathe, 18″/36″, Black –
AdTech W9201 Drip-Less Full Size High Temp Hot Glue Gun –
Aluminum Honeycomb Grid Core, 1/4″ Cell, 12″x16″x 1.00″ –
Jacquard Pearl Ex Powder Pigments –
Craftsman 9-36857 3 Piece Wood Chisel Set With 3 Blades –
Woodpeckers Ultra-Shear Wood Lathe Chisel Set, Full Size –
1/32″- 5/8″ Self-tightening Keyless Lathe Drill Chuck W/ MT #3 –
NOVA Cole Jaw Set 10” –
Easy Wood Tools 4 1/2” Diameter x 1-1/4” x 8 TPI –
Yorkshire Grit and Hampshire Sheen
Easy Wood Tools Full Size Easy Rougher –
Cellulose Sanding Sealer –
Combination Square 12 In –

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DISCLAIMER: Please note that my channel is for entertainment purposes only. Don’t be stupid. You should NOT rely solely upon the information and techniques discussed and displayed in my channel. I am not a professional woodworker, wood turner or electrician and working with machinery and electricity can be dangerous. It is recommended that you fully research each technique and decide for yourself what the safest possible work method is for you.